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Welcome to KISSr


KISSr is a web host that is synchronized with your Dropbox

So you want your own domain name...

What does that mean exactly?

When someone goes to you want them to see your website.

But how will the internet know where to find your website?


That's where KISSr comes in.

You enter the domain you want to register

and choose the domain extension.

KISSr will then register that domain for you.

And whenever someone goes to that domain

KISSr will look in your Dropbox where you will put your website.

Try it out now. Domains that end in are free!

Register a domain.

KISSr will let you register a domain name with one click. Domains that end in are free!

Put your website in a Dropbox folder.

With KISSr you manage your entire website from a folder in your Dropbox. KISSr will only have access to one folder in your Dropbox.

Enjoy scaleable secure hosting in the cloud!

KISSr will syncronize a copy of your website to our web servers. Since our web servers are built on top of the Amazon Cloud Platform your site will load quickly even under high traffic. No servers to manage. No nonsense.

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